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Wild Quinault Coho Salmon

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Amp up the occasion with some of the richest filets we have to offer. These Coho Salmon are wild-caught and hand-harvested in the Atlantic, where they grow in a sustainable environment for the good of nature and the guests at your table.

  • Comes in 7oz skin-on, boneless filets (avg. serving size per person: 1 filet)
  • Arrives flash-frozen to naturally preserve flavor and texture
  • Prep Tip: Remove from packaging before thawing;
  • Differences from Sockeye Salmon: Subtle Pink Coloring & More Mild, Flexible Flavor
  • Pairs with Rosé or IPAs
  • Also delicious with a Teriyaki Glaze

Note: Consuming raw or undercooked seafood may increase your risk of foodborne illness.